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Mighty Spraying Technology is specializing in supplying diaphragm and airless spraying pumps in Taiwan. Its best-selling product—the Elephas 500 Airless Spraying Pump is one of the most popular products in the paint spraying market. Year 2020, MPD pump - a high pressure triple diaphragm pump, has completed all testing. This pump wins the patents in Taiwan and has applied in HCC high pressure center cooling system for machine tools. Since year 2021, Mighty focus in new applications of MPD pumps in Chemical, Beverage, Water and machinery industries. Being an experienced from in the hydraulic components manufacturing, Mighty is highly professional with its approach towards the development and manufacturing of high-pressure diaphragm pumps.

High Pressure Coolant System

MPD pump, the mighty heart of High pressure coolant system

High Pressure Airless Spraying Pump

Less paint, less working hours and less Noise!